Open Data Interface Specification

In compliance with the RTR-NetTest privacy policy the measurement results of the RTR-NetTest are available as Open Data. The specification is available as HTML and Swagger. This specification describes the information which is available as Open Data. It is available as JSON and as CSV-file (see below).

Download interface

The results of the last 48 hours are available as zip-archive under netztest-opendata_hours-048.zip and as xlsx under netztest-opendata_hours-048.xlsx.

The results of the last 31 days are available as zip-archive under netztest-opendata.zip and as xlsx under netztest-opendata.xlsx.

Further results are available on a monthly basis:

Please note that time stamps are in UTC (not in local time). To ensure the correctness of the results, implausible and/or obvious abusive measurements may be marked with the flag 'implausible' by RTR.

The data is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) license. Please also refer the additional licensing terms.