Certified measurement

The certified measurement allows you to make conclusive statements about the quality of your Internet access. These findings serve as the basis for a so-called "prima facie proof" of certain warranty aspects in case of a fixed Internet access from an Austrian provider. The certified measurement only states facts. Whether a contract-compliant service is provided or not, is therefore always up to the deciding entity. This could be a court or the conciliation body of RTR-GmbH.

Notes on the measurement

Before you start the certified measurement, please read the instructions for certified measurement carefully. It also includes a checklist to assist you in performing the certified measurement. For more information, see the FAQ .

Please note in particular:

  • Certified measurements can only be done via an Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.) on your computer.
  • During a measurement cycle, do not use your computer for other applications.
  • In addition please make sure that you or other users do not use the same Internet connection during the measurement (eg. family members by smartphone).

Process of a certified measurement

A measuring cycle lasts at least two hours. During this period, individual measurements are carried out automatically every 15 minutes. At least three measurement cycles must be performed on three different days within a timeframe of two weeks in order to get a certified measurement.

For questions about the certified measurement, please contact netztest@rtr.at .